Can someone help me?

Game 1 In-Game 3StripesDonte: gg bot 3StripesDonte: what is this team? 3StripesDonte: are u serius? 3StripesDonte: lets ff 15 ty 3StripesDonte: muted. 3StripesDonte: illioa uninstall 3StripesDonte: we need vision over bar 3StripesDonte: nid u need to be close for it 3StripesDonte: if they get it 3StripesDonte: they doing it 3StripesDonte: dont fight for 3 min. 3StripesDonte: keep pinging me y 3StripesDonte: how about u watch map 3StripesDonte: i didnt get caught. 3StripesDonte: mid diff 3StripesDonte: great 3StripesDonte: i won my lane 3StripesDonte: :) 3StripesDonte: akali roamed cause u were bad 3StripesDonte: u did nothung 3StripesDonte: gg wp 3StripesDonte: dont worry 3StripesDonte: i can atleast get the lp back 3StripesDonte: :) 3StripesDonte: 1+ 3StripesDonte: saddest part is u camped mid 3StripesDonte: and he still lost 3StripesDonte: yep 3StripesDonte: to bad the adc need to ingage 3StripesDonte: to teach u how to play Post-Game 3StripesDonte: wp akali Game 2 In-Game 3StripesDonte: dude 3StripesDonte: u most be the saddest player vever 3StripesDonte: y 3StripesDonte: full poke champ.- 3StripesDonte: how about u help us 3StripesDonte: ye idc 3StripesDonte: just open 3StripesDonte: only brand with kills. 3StripesDonte: open eyes %%%%%% 3StripesDonte: varus dont 3StripesDonte: its not worth it 3StripesDonte: dont talk with him 3StripesDonte: he ment varus but its not true. 3StripesDonte: he is constatly flaming us amumu toxic af. 3StripesDonte: amumu and lb. 3StripesDonte: your red mate 3StripesDonte: can u guys go bot? 3StripesDonte: ? 3StripesDonte: i kocke 3StripesDonte: report amumu for toxic and negative ty. 3StripesDonte: so with lb 3StripesDonte: u lost your lane big time 3StripesDonte: and evelyn wasnt even there 3StripesDonte: sad 3StripesDonte: evelyn camped us. Post-Game 3StripesDonte: can u guys report amumu for toxic please and lb? 3StripesDonte: chat log is enough. 3StripesDonte: amumu can u lie how much u want 3StripesDonte: there is a chatlog Game 3 Pre-Game 3StripesDonte: akali u want mid? In-Game 3StripesDonte: this dude does alot of dmg 3StripesDonte: gg mid 3StripesDonte: cant do nothing 3StripesDonte: its not hard to sidestep 3StripesDonte: he is not unskilled like u 3StripesDonte: fkn miniopn 3StripesDonte: mtkfkekejideujhsjdjouds 3StripesDonte: lets get inferno 3StripesDonte: cho got nice feed? 3StripesDonte: you are 11 deaths botlane. 3StripesDonte: are u serius? 3StripesDonte: cmn 3StripesDonte: sense when did they buff cho lmfao 3StripesDonte: sona ward bar we need vision over it 3StripesDonte: they have 2 off tanks and one full tank 3StripesDonte: even if we had a good botlane 3StripesDonte: would be hard to win 3StripesDonte: need to start playing cho thats just broken 3StripesDonte: for reals 3StripesDonte: it doesnt. 3StripesDonte: it wasnt easy 3StripesDonte: i did no dmg at all 3StripesDonte: u know the area of Q right? 3StripesDonte: its pretty big 3StripesDonte: is it hard to press R sona? 3StripesDonte: tell me 3StripesDonte: i got 2 flashes on me 3StripesDonte: wtf u want me to do 3StripesDonte: stupid Post-Game 3StripesDonte: gg wp team we tried atleast. 3StripesDonte: sona u have no right to talk. So i got pentatly banned, havent got any chat restrections or anything for a bit now but when i started a game i see i got pentatly banned for saying these stuff these games? And i dont get it i dont Think i have been insanly toxic or anything compered with the people in this games? I feel like i got unfairly treated and just seeing my sentence out of context of what the othersaid is not fair. Can someone please help me?
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