how is this bannable ?

Game 1 gamingalaxymecha: wtf gamingalaxymecha: i dont know the new sej gamingalaxymecha: just garen gamingalaxymecha: good luck zed our jmid is chinese gamingalaxymecha: ty gamingalaxymecha: new seju is fun gamingalaxymecha: w e r gamingalaxymecha: i come bot to show you gamingalaxymecha: ok gamingalaxymecha: thats all gamingalaxymecha: SS LATE gamingalaxymecha: ! gamingalaxymecha: wrong masteries gamingalaxymecha: oops gamingalaxymecha: THEY TAKE MY RED gamingalaxymecha: this champ is broken gamingalaxymecha: WTF! gamingalaxymecha: look at my mr and armor gamingalaxymecha: look gamingalaxymecha: its from passive gamingalaxymecha: WTF! gamingalaxymecha: omg ziggs pls gamingalaxymecha: :D gamingalaxymecha: panth gamingalaxymecha: do something gamingalaxymecha: ok gamingalaxymecha: you have ulti gamingalaxymecha: enemy full ad gamingalaxymecha: pant gamingalaxymecha: pls oi rreprotyou gamingalaxymecha: you aint doing shitt gamingalaxymecha: english now ? gamingalaxymecha: my team is trolling gamingalaxymecha: pantheon youre trolling gamingalaxymecha: shut up you muted me gamingalaxymecha: stupid troll gamingalaxymecha: look at your build gamingalaxymecha: just look at it gamingalaxymecha: WHY YOU gamingalaxymecha: FOCUSING gamingalaxymecha: JUNGLER gamingalaxymecha: he does no dmg gamingalaxymecha: report you ? gamingalaxymecha: deal gamingalaxymecha: im in gamingalaxymecha: i go afk gamingalaxymecha: farm gamingalaxymecha: ./mute all Game 2 gamingalaxymecha: first time sion gamingalaxymecha: dARISU SUPOPRT POGVCHAMP gamingalaxymecha: they do gamingalaxymecha: they all have i in it gamingalaxymecha: zac is no happy gamingalaxymecha: iopen top gamingalaxymecha: cool gamingalaxymecha: better jungler wins every game gamingalaxymecha: i know that for a fact gamingalaxymecha: Ez buff timer resety gamingalaxymecha: |no gamingalaxymecha: Its mine you dont touch gamingalaxymecha: ok gamingalaxymecha: lb blind gamingalaxymecha: reprot midf gamingalaxymecha: feedinmg gamingalaxymecha: nice score gamingalaxymecha: worht gamingalaxymecha: REPROT LB FEEDING gamingalaxymecha: BOT * gamingalaxymecha: you cant gamingalaxymecha: why wouyld you be able to gamingalaxymecha: thatsd be brpken gamingalaxymecha: Reprot vayne gamingalaxymecha: imnting gamingalaxymecha: report lb flamer gamingalaxymecha: imunilati gamingalaxymecha: we cant gamingalaxymecha: im 9/6 gamingalaxymecha: i dont flamed gamingalaxymecha: lb say im 9/6 and can do niothing gamingalaxymecha: that flamer gamingalaxymecha: pfff gamingalaxymecha: im op ad sion gamingalaxymecha: thtats why you ban darius not fizz l;b gamingalaxymecha: ok gamingalaxymecha: ty gamingalaxymecha: you lied gamingalaxymecha: where you are jhin gamingalaxymecha: report lb flamer gamingalaxymecha: VELKOZ AFK gamingalaxymecha: WE WIN Game 3 gamingalaxymecha: gg wp gamingalaxymecha: ez lose gamingalaxymecha: how didy ou know gamingalaxymecha: you know gamingalaxymecha: no i banned my adc's xayah gamingalaxymecha: not darius gamingalaxymecha: shut it gamingalaxymecha: afk gamingalaxymecha: ./mute all gamingalaxymecha: im laggin gamingalaxymecha: pls dont kill me gamingalaxymecha: NOOOO gamingalaxymecha: NOOO gamingalaxymecha: oops gamingalaxymecha: its ok gamingalaxymecha: i forgive you gamingalaxymecha: not so funny now is it gamingalaxymecha: :^) gamingalaxymecha: RUNM gamingalaxymecha: ITS MY RED gamingalaxymecha: PLS gamingalaxymecha: afk farm gamingalaxymecha: until game ends gamingalaxymecha: gg wp gamingalaxymecha: report kassadin and ezreal gamingalaxymecha: premades trolling me
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