Riot Bans the wrong people and only make it so sociopaths and fake people stay in the community

So in my experience of playing League of Legends I noticed that a lot people (I would say about 15% of my games in normal draft or lower tier ranked) try to tilt the enemy player or their own teammates with the intetion of getting them banned by making them say a word that the automatic bot system makes them get banned for using so and are labelled as "toxic players", so I think it should obvious to ban those sociopaths so league becomes a better space ,right? (btw they are sociopaths because they lie and deceive people, don't feel guild or remorse, think they are "superior", seeing other people being punished makes them happy). The problem is that these people use a language so it tilts other players but they don't use any word from the "banned" words that the bot sees so for the bot it is totally fine and when the other gets banned it only incetivates for the ones getting banned to do the same thing or react in a fake way that is different from their personality. I'm not saying to not punish the "toxic players" for their behaviour, of course they acted in a wrongfull way, but those players, who go out intetional trolling and tilting just in a way to not get banned, just get a harsher punishment because if riot wants to create a real safe enviroment for league of legends and they punish the "toxic players" for acting in that way they should punish the "tilters" in a harsher way because they behaviour makes the community a lot more toxic than the "toxic players" do for responding to them. What I think riot should do is if a player gets banned for acting toxic they should be able to appeal by saying the enemy was intetional trying to tilt them and have a real riot employee verify the messages not a bot who can't tell the difference and the riot employee would then analyze the messages and see if the "tilters" deserve to be punished for intetional tilting or not. Probrable "counter-arguments": "But can't you just mute them"- Yes but if you use that argument that we shouldn't ban people for saying those things than the system shouldn't punish "toxic players" because "you can just mute them". "But they didn't say anything wrong the players tilted themselves"-If you really think this way than you somehow think it is ok to manipulate people and enjoy their punishment when all could be avoided if those players just kept their mouth shut. If the "toxic players" actions have consequences so must the "tilters" actions. If Riot punished those players the community would be a better place for everyone, "tilters" aka sociopaths would eventually try stop tilting them and either needed to have fun actually playing the game or leave the community and the 99% of "toxic players" that react would have no reason to be "toxic" anymore and would enjoy their game more and tilt less. Sorry for my english not my home country.
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