passive aggressiveness

So i am noramlly a pretty chill Person in my games, but sometimes even I get tilted but i dont become a toxic Person, but a passive agressive bucko like for example i played braum with vayne this one time. I was warding and vayne tought she could 1v2 them while i was gone and died. immediatly it was my fault ofc. but the nice Person i am i said: "dont worry, when you are stronger you can surely get them!" and she got just more angery. or that time our jungler did dragon alone, didnt ward, dies and then blames botlane for not helping. i like said. "you know, that wasnt the best decision to do that with no wards and anything, but i am sure next time you will think about warding and ping us for help! i mean you are a intelligent boi after all!" so my question is, is that punishable? i always have the smuggest of smug grins on my face when i write something like that and my teammate gets more angery. but no worries, i luv ya all {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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