Punishment too harsh

Hello there. I just want to complain about the punishment I just received. I have gotten this: http://puu.sh/rVzR7/f22cc0c0ff.png Now, I obviously know there is no justification for intentional feeding, but I have done this once in my entire league history, and that was today. Getting a 14-days suspension is waaaaaaay too harsh for a one-time thing, especially considering this is my first ban ever. Again, I know it's wrong to intentionally feed, but given the context, I think my team members should be punished just as hard for flaming. Normally I have a rather high toleration for flame, but when your entire team flames you, and even wishing you the worst cancer on your mother, and your midlaner thinks he's jungler, then I'm not gonna waste time on such a game. Some people just doesn't deserve to win. And the worst part is, it's not even a ranked game I did it in. Dear Riot, if you read this, then I'm acknowledging you for banning me. It's okay. But in the future, you should really consider fair punishments.
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