Let's talk about flaming supports.

Let's say you're playing sona and you're doing everything you can, like peeling, warding and pokes. But when you die to your team mates greeds for diving turret and you did everything you could but then you get this. ''you are useless''. ''You don't peel''. As if I didn't spam my abilities to help my team mates right? What are you supposed to do? Like I'm clueless.. do these people even play support? I mean I can't help that the enemy team gets feed and one shot you like even if I bought resistants it wouldn't even help that much. ''You're inting''. ''Stop getting caught''. Like I understand, but a good support go ward when there's no vision for the team and not getting caught isn't easy. So when I give my team mates my shields, heals or stun the enemy to save them, am I not helping enough? You survived. What's the problem, what more can I do more than I can. I'm not a god. I don't have 0 CD on my abilities to spam you heals and shields. We make mistakes some times and we may not learn from it but at least we try our best to win the game. When your adc gets caught while you were warding or roaming. ''no support''. ''wtf why you leave?''. ''Noob.'' ''Useless''. I'm going to ward because I want to know where my enemies are. I'm roaming because our lane is pushed or the turret is taken and try to help other players. Don't blame me for your mistake. I'm not gonna only sit with you forever, I got others things to do was well. Like I understand your anger but if you understand the support role it self I would appreciate it. Cause we players have to deal with a lot of shits and the mistakes you did. Flaming isn't gonna help at all. What changes do you expect me to do? I'm still gonna play like I want to, sure I will adapt my self but please so undertand flaming is a bad habit. It won't lead you anywhere but getting reported. There's also the times where I do wrong things as support but at least I'm not flaming you.. I'm taking it for my self and knowing it did wrong and I shouldn't have done that. But when it's obvious then sure I will tell you nicely what's the problem not straight out rage. Have respect people, I'm trying to have a good day and positive vibe here. Sure there are people who int intentionally, but that's another story. Do you think we enjoy hearing your bs and 0 knowledge about playing support. You can be a nice player. But you choose to be salty. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} That being said, have a good day ladies and gentlemans.
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