For Yi

For the damn YI getting the ultimate aram free win team with engage frontline against no CC late game carries, who dared to call us bots after having such a stupidly dumb luck: Shall your eyelids turn transparent and every night be as bright as day for you. Shall you never ever have luck in anything again. Shall every supprise egg contain a %%%%ing puzzle you already have. Shall every itching spot on your back be where you barely can't reach. Shall every paper cut you at the most annoying places. Shall every dog and cat avoid you to be petted by someone else. Shall every movie in cinema not have enough connected free seats for your whole group. Shall your food always be late, cold and badly salted. Shall your every deliveryman just post a "not home" note without even checking. Shall every ISP-appointment be "from 10:00-17:00" so you have to take a whole day off just for them to come at 17:30. Shall every dentist appointment ever be in need of a new teeth printing. Shall the world be littered with free parking spots barely too small for your car. Shall every sweets mix contain a lot of the one you like the least. Shall there always be a bit of sand left in your shoe. Shall your feet be naked and the floor full of lego. Shall your little toe always find the corner of the table. Shall the timed light always go out right when you are in the middle of the stair. Shall the dump collector always wake you up before your alarm. Shall there always be a construction site next to your home when you have a day off. Shall your bus always be so late that you just miss the next one after running. Shall there always be an old lady asking for your seat when you are happy to have gotten the last free seat. Shall your laws be written by germans and your food by cooked by the english. Shall the weather forcast always be so off that you wear the wrong clothes. Shall your dream job go to someone less qualified because of some minority quota. Shall the girl of your dreams always be "just a friend". Shall your mum always make your favorite food when you are not home. Shall your bell always break when you wait for your pizza. Shall they always mess up your order when you are really hungry. Shall the pool always be crowded with old people swimming really slow. Shall every hotel be crowded by english and germans. Shall the guy you ask for directions never speak your language. Shall your phone number always be similar to a local restaurants.
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