Chat restriction and Riot System of banning 'toxic' people

Hello guys, I am writing this post because I am confused of Riot banning system. Today I had a game when 2 people were afk until min 3:30. There were not disconected, they just afked in the game. When they came back, they started to loosing lane and flaming the other players. To be honest at some point i was already tilted and then I decided to just text them back ( who wouldnt be ? :) ). We lost the game, they were still talking but I was myself getting chat restrition. Is that normal ? For me it looks like those two people just lost my game ( i know thats sounds silly ) they lost my time, and they flamed me in the game. This is a joke that those people do not received any ban at least for one day to let them understand that they are not right. Please see below a things i was typing to them during the game, and judge if I was right or not. At the same time sorry for my english, I hope you understand what i mean. Game 1 In-Game Ressov: guys wan you ward river crab 1:25 oks Ressov: 1 25 pls Ressov: 2 afk XD Ressov: 1st game of the day Ressov: 5489375937 seco n ward Ressov: XD Ressov: you are guy talentef Ressov: as %%%% Ressov: we see kha Ressov: but you still dying Ressov: salty XD Ressov: stay afk Ressov: until 3 min Ressov: then die to gank Ressov: when you see Ressov: enemy jungler Ressov: for 2 min Ressov: on ward Ressov: this Ressov: adc is troll Ressov: ignore siv Ressov: stay Ressov: afk Ressov: mid Ressov: 3 Ressov: let Ressov: kayle Ressov: free Ressov: scale Ressov: top Ressov: die Ressov: to Ressov: kha Ressov: 3 times Ressov: while we see him n ward Ressov: XD Ressov: stay afk until min 3 Ressov: just boosted Ressov: again and again Ressov: group drk Ressov: wp yoric Ressov: be afk Ressov: early Ressov: XD Ressov: siv Ressov: push like a %%%%%% Ressov: pls Ressov: %%%%%%s Ressov: 2 afk Ressov: useless bots Ressov: tea foht Ressov: XXD Ressov: like i got Ressov: perma cc Ressov: stay afk Ressov: at base Ressov: then get 1 vs 1 Ressov: kill Ressov: into zoe Ressov: X Ressov: XD Ressov: next time i will start my game at min 3 Ressov: gold elo players Ressov: gank Ressov: ? Ressov: if my game Ressov: in 7;0 min 5 Ressov: gg report afkers pls Post-Game Ressov: please report them Ressov: vlad and yoric
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