14 Days ban, skipped the muted games, straight into ban. Does anyone find a reason?

Ok so, first off, this acc is one smurf of mine. I decided to play Syndra Mid, because i tought the team needed it. I asked gently 3 times for blue, was refused, because i didnt say my true elo lol. I decided to go AFK farming all game. There's the Lee Jungler who flamed me. There's our ADC Jhin who wished me and all my family get cancer. All i was saying is that, a jungler, in low silver, who doesnt know the importance of blue in Syndra early game, deserves to loose. By that, i get 14 Days Ban, without even get a single mute. This is how this game is. %%%%ing ridicilous. Text here: Game 1 Intrianna: need blue Intrianna: pls blue Intrianna: pls blue Intrianna: ok Intrianna: ty anyway Intrianna: you'll regret it =) Intrianna: i'll make sure you loose the game Intrianna: enjoy your blue. Intrianna: are you happy? Intrianna: You want to see an high elo trolling? Intrianna: You'll see late game :P Intrianna: stick the blue up in your ass Intrianna: and i'll steal all others Intrianna: noob =) Intrianna: mid open Intrianna: please push Intrianna: cant stand that silver lee Intrianna: not really m8 Intrianna: but a jungler Intrianna: who doesnt know Intrianna: the importance of blue to syndra Intrianna: doesnt deserve to win Intrianna: any ranked game. Intrianna: new acc Intrianna: idc m8 Intrianna: top open now :P Intrianna: ? Intrianna: any problem? Intrianna: talk to lee. Intrianna: nope. Intrianna: where's my blue? Intrianna: wow Intrianna: nice ban Intrianna: you'll ve Intrianna: instaban Intrianna: u know right? Intrianna: lol Intrianna: so this lee sin Intrianna: just cuz i said it was new acc and i was smurfing Intrianna: asked me my elo, i didnt say Intrianna: so he decided to troll me Intrianna: result: i troll harder Intrianna: free win for you. Intrianna: op.gg me Intrianna: you'll see if its smurf or not Intrianna: lol Intrianna: idc Intrianna: enjoy ur blue Intrianna: but Intrianna: you lose. Intrianna: sorry but he needs to loose Intrianna: a jungler EVEN in low elo Intrianna: who doesnt know the importace of blue in.. syndra. for example Intrianna: deserves to loose untill b5 Intrianna: =) Intrianna: sorry Intrianna: i couldnt resist to kill u both Intrianna: i wont repeat Intrianna: nah Intrianna: just push malz Intrianna: save ur ult :P Intrianna: go take his red buff Intrianna: available Intrianna: care Intrianna: lee is wartching u Intrianna: at herold Intrianna: now yas 2 Intrianna: i think lee will carry Intrianna: what do u think? Intrianna: with his blue ofc Intrianna: please report jhin Intrianna: just because im not helping Intrianna: hes talking about my parents Intrianna: and hoping that all my family gets cancer, lol Intrianna: seriously Intrianna: report jhin Intrianna: instaban 2 flamer Intrianna: bye lee Intrianna: u lost Intrianna: just ff Intrianna: m2 Intrianna: this could be an easy win Intrianna: thanks to lee Intrianna: we loose. Intrianna: the on Intrianna: e Intrianna: the one that could change my mind Intrianna: was brand Intrianna: brand, do you want to win? Intrianna: i like to punish low elo selfish noobs Intrianna: and flamers Intrianna: but if u want to win, lets win Intrianna: Its just a smurf man Intrianna: I couldnt care less, i'm not flaming anyone Intrianna: they're. Intrianna: why? Intrianna: i've been afk and as much Cs than our "adc" Intrianna: lol Intrianna: 1 ult oneshot xD Intrianna: lee prefers to focus Intrianna: cho Intrianna: he deserves to loose Intrianna: its ok Intrianna: says an Intrianna: 5/8 yas Intrianna: please belive he's true. Intrianna: loose Intrianna: u deserve it :) Intrianna: report jhin for flame Intrianna: gg wp. Game 2 Intrianna: Oh no!!!!!!!!!!1 Intrianna: Mundo and WWo premades... i will be camped all day :((((((((((( Intrianna: yes maybe 0/20 Intrianna: wtf MF what is that farm? Intrianna: 34 cs? L O L Intrianna: 0 GANKS TOP. Intrianna: what a shitty team Intrianna: WTF VEIGAR U HAVE NO DAMAGE IDIOT Intrianna: wow 25m has past and you have 158 stacked veigar.. wp.. noob... Intrianna: no adc g Intrianna: gg
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