The story about the unbreakable bond between enemy laners

I remember this one game, some time ago, that left a certain feeling within me once it was finished. It was a ranked game, that actually made me look at my enemy laner, my opponent, in a completely different way. It started out pretty normally, everyone started heading to their designated lanes, i was heading top (you know that lonely island all the way up there on the mini map), playing one of my mains that i really like. Now then, minions have spawned, and the enemy top was nowhere in sight .-. So i used this opportunity to have perfect focus on my cs, not one minion shall i miss, i encouraged myself. And... I missed the first one *sweat drop* Moving on. I kept farming and something didn't feel right.. He was still not showing up, and i just hit level 2. At first i was traumatised by my previous experiences, that he was going to come behind me with his jngler and first blood me, so i kept farming but being on my toes, and at some point my jngler was chasing the crug and i was that tripped out that i actually almost flashed away from the river when i saw someone moving there. Sigh. This continued untill i hit level 5, which brought me to the conclusion, that my lane opponent was afk. But, suddenly he teleported to top, as level 1 and started farming frantically. I could see he was keeping alot of distance, missing alot of cs, because of the fear i would all in him since we were 4 levels appart. I could have went all in. I could have gotten first blood. But it would not be worth the feeling i would have afterwards. The feeling of feeling dirty. Thus i wrote to him: Me: Hey listen, i won't poke you, i won't trade with you, untill you level up a bit, ok? Enemy top: ... Really? Me: Yes, so just farm up Enemy top: I think i will never understand why you would do this, but k, ty Me: There is more to this game than just winning Enemy top: If you say so **fast forward** The game was 40 mins in. We were about to have a fight at the baron pit. Both teams sizing up the other, faking moves throwing pokes. It was intense. And just as i was about to engage as the tank, our support disconnects... And just stops moving.. Right in front of the baron. My team frantically wrote in all chat "wait please" "he is afk please wait dont kill him", but alas. They gave us no such mercy. They bursted the support, killed our adc, one shotted our jngler, and mid and i managed to escape over the baron pit, just barely. As we were running through the jungle, enemy team trying to zone us, us hiding in every bush we could (fortunately they didnt go straight for baron, but chased us which gave time for our team to respawn and for us to buy additional time), we were almost homefree! But 2clicks from the base, the enemy top was there, literally standing right in front. Since we had barely 1/4 hp both, he could easily double kill us. But then.. He just.. Passed us. And started recalling. It is easy to say mid and i were dumbfounded, as was his team who immediatly started capslocking him in all chat "OMG THIS GUY REPORT 9x" "WHY DO YOU DO THIS" To which he wrote **there is more to this game than just winning** Once everyone has respawned the fight resumed, it was close, it was tough, one call decided it all. But none of that really matters. What matters is, that once you aknowledge your lane opponent as your equal, as your opponent, just like ancient samurais did, ninjas, soldiers or whatever, i know it cannot compare to a game, but, whenever you face off with someone, there should be a code. A code of mutual respect. That day, both him and I realised, that the honorable opponent honor, doesn't only indicate a person who is humble in defeat and gracious in victory. It can be so much more.

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