This Guy Ints on Heimer to be Top rated on Lolskill with Riven and still isn't banned after 41 Games

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
There is a guy with a 98% winrate on Riven (62W 1L) who is currently Rank 1 on Lolskill with Riven. This would be no problem if this Guy wouldn't sabotage Games to get matched with Lower rated Players to get easy games. I mean no offense but how is this guy still able to play this game after Inting **41 Times in 264 Games**? I think that should be banned way quicker. People always complain the banning system for flaming is too harsh, well for Inting it's clearly not. It's sad enough that People waste others Time and Effort like that I hope a Rioter sees this and takes action against that
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