Riot Games Employees Behaviors

Riots Games COO get only 2 months suspension for misconduct. Quote from article in the link below "A company email obtained by Kotaku explains that the disciplinary action was handed down after multiple employees reported Gelb had touched subordinates' genitals or butts or farted in their faces in attempts at comedy.". This person is in Riot Games leadership. 2 months is nothing, it will be vacations for that person. [Riot Games COO Gets Two-Month Unpaid Suspension for Workplace Misconduct]( Sexism at Riot Games. Quote from the link below "Hiring a woman into a leadership position proved impossible for Lacy, she said, and she left the company in part because of the sexism she’d personally experienced. She said her direct manager would ask her if it was hard working at Riot being so cute." [Sexism at Riot Games]( [Riot Games sexually harass women]( This is from Riot Games leadership. Now it makes you wonder the kind of persons that judge other players actions. This post is about Riot Games leadership bullying their own employees. How can these people judge bullying in reports?
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