If the enemy is out of your range and I secure the kill. You have no right to rage!

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Another story time. Ranked Game. Zyra & MF (Mother Fail) VS Morgana and Jihin. Since thresh is bannd and Morgana was taken from me, I locked on Zyra with an ignite and dark harvest(before you start judging you chocolate fudges out there, zyra is nerfed, so shut your raisin cookies) . I'm a 200K mf main and when I see A lvl 6 Mf with an Arey rune, I face palm. Seriously I'm not going to even to start with that. Into the game, once we reach lane, this Morgana on enemy team is super in your face aggressive. Burning her mana on wasted Q in first min of the game. I dodge 80% of them and I poke back as much as I can. I don't steal farm AND YES I KNOW HOW TO HARRASS WITH PLANTS WITHOUT TAKING FARM SO YEAH BABY I GOT THIS. With a couple of q and e, Morgana is at 10% heath with final E and an ignite she is perfect kill for Mf. All i we needed was a good Q. Just one juicy Q from MF. What do I see? Mf Q a minion. Alright no problem morgana is still at reach, just AA the Mother Fudge Cake. Nope ! this Mf just AA jhin and of course Morgana flashed away. I was "alright cool I had my ignite on her and boom 3 seconds later I got the kill. Jhin was near our side, long way for him to flee and he burned his flash earlier, have 20% health. He is set and ready cookie for MF . I ping help and he is perfect good cookie dough that's waiting to be cooked, woman wake up. Nope, she farms. After I lose and die to 2 hp jhin. Do you know what she wrote? Zyra with an ignite. I'm losing my mind here!!! Morgana was a perfect set up, she was in your RANGE, you were farming!!! You had Manaaaaaa, you had a good Q! They were pushing and on our side!!!!! Woman What the actual M&M chocolate cake!!!! You could have just AA before she flashes!!! Your Q is a point and click!!!! Next 15 mins Morgana and Jhin dived me 2 times after this Mf ultied her minions(Raging) .I was 1/4 because this Mother Fresh Juice was so (not suger) because of one SECURED KILL. I set up a perfect double kill while you afk farmed!!! Lucky enough we HAD a BETTER team who wasn't so (not sweet) on the fact am ZyRa WiTh An IgNiTe! We won the game 4 vs 5 because Quinn was 16/0 in first 20 mins (not sure 20 or more but DAYM Quinn) This Mf was afk farming the whole game because of ONE SECURED KILL. Well MF I hope you get raisen cookies all the time!!! Because they tasted so bad like you!!! HA! We won even though you were throwing the game! Edit: i just found out there is a rant board! Now i can't change boards. **_~~GG~~_**
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