My overall opinion coming back after a 5/6 months break !

I stopped playing league by option and went to play something else, now i'm back and ... i'm very surprised on how the game improved in kinda half a year ! League new client: It's heavy though, but it's gorgeous and now runs smoother than the beta version (duh, obviously xD) and i feel like it's existance opens doors for a lot of things ! Talking about the latest new features "missions" ! Cool ! 2 Reworks: I never liked the old ww, i tried countless times to play him and i did bad, he lacked a lot of things personnaly. But now ... just wow, he is amazing and very usefull ! The galio, i had some hearth feelings after hearing that he was gona get a rework, i feared that he might lose his "thing" but nope, they just transformed him into something glorious ! I'm loving him ! Now, i just feel like we need some more reworks {{champion:6}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:39}} just to begin with. Camille was meh to me, but the rakan and xayah quite impressive ! Community: Well xD It seems that is more clean right now i don't know why but yeah, there are still some flamers and trollers out there. I'm playing for 4 days now, and i only found 2 trollers and a hand full of flamers, that's an improvement for sure ! And overall i'm way more relaxed now, i had to make a break from the game because sometimes it really messes with emotional people ! lol
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