A sad story. (Over 8 accounts banned)

After making over 10 accounts (14 to this date) I'm still unable to not flame and before level 30 I'm on a 14 day restriction or banned. No matter what I do I can't get over not flaming (Maybe i have mental health problems or something) its just not possible. With all this being said what options do I have but quitting? Or constantly making fake email accounts starting fresh (Really boring now) I never get any rewards I'm always dishonoured its just so disappointing playing knowing I'll never hold my tongue. Maybe it is riot way of saying F off, we don't want people like me playing. Depressing. Thanks for reading. Recent chat logs for fun. (I know people love to read) Game 1 Pre-Game Loonst0r: mnid Loonst0r: jgl In-Game Loonst0r: dnt spoam pls Loonst0r: wake up bot pls Loonst0r: omfg? Loonst0r: wt fis this bot lane Loonst0r: shaco support is garbage Loonst0r: its a game i like winning Loonst0r: %%%% KILL HIM YOU NOOB Loonst0r: uncarrible ezreal shaco bot Loonst0r: im not flaming Loonst0r: its a facrt Loonst0r: you so bad we cant win Loonst0r: that fact Loonst0r: notice its always the bad player saying hes flaming.... while they int Loonst0r: uncvarrible game every lane ints Loonst0r: cover top? Loonst0r: no? Loonst0r: YUES Loonst0r: YES Loonst0r: YES Loonst0r: GO NEXT Loonst0r: NEXT Loonst0r: normally a support wards bot side Loonst0r: bro Loonst0r: %%%% off Loonst0r: syaing normal games in not a excust to int Loonst0r: reported Loonst0r: flaming Loonst0r: .... Loonst0r: WTF? Loonst0r: its a normal game yasuo.... people clearly think it mean you cant play worst then a %%%%in bot Loonst0r: its pyke..... Loonst0r: %%%%in new champ over buffed you %%%%in %%%%%% cuunt Loonst0r: yeah.... go on youtube see what all the pro/high elo say Loonst0r: %%%%head be real Loonst0r: haha ez does like 10 dmg pre auto Loonst0r: wtf Loonst0r: not some fuccked up shity hole like turky Loonst0r: say say nothin Loonst0r: very Loonst0r: pyke dc Loonst0r: ? Loonst0r: gg Loonst0r: why the %%%% do i play this game Loonst0r: IT ONLY %%%%ING ANNOYS NME Loonst0r: %%%% LEAGUIE Loonst0r: prickm Post-Game Loonst0r: i %%%%in hate this game Loonst0r: but i cantg stop playing Game 2 Pre-Game Loonst0r: mid In-Game Loonst0r: league is basically early game who wins.... kind boring Loonst0r: im done Loonst0r: ggwp Loonst0r: ggwp cba trying Loonst0r: camp my lane Loonst0r: why dep yi? Loonst0r: report thius dude. Loonst0r: just farm your garbage ape master Loonst0r: ggod throw Loonst0r: baiot Loonst0r: get the %%%%in top tower Loonst0r: inting Loonst0r: irela doesnt look at the map Loonst0r: me sdtand in a tower isnt helping Loonst0r: why your uselss Loonst0r: let some good Loonst0r: have it Loonst0r: muting all Loonst0r: that just looks like spam Loonst0r: towerr? Loonst0r: thjis some bronze level stuff Loonst0r: let irela get cs Loonst0r: she strongest Loonst0r: its cloud Loonst0r: they got 3 cloud drake Loonst0r: yi cant even smite Loonst0r: im not jumpin to Loonst0r: i wont jump iunto tower Loonst0r: anbd die aswell Loonst0r: why flame? Loonst0r: your having more kill makes you a better player ?? Loonst0r: you dumb bro think ppeople have a good game and they the best player Loonst0r: get fuccked Loonst0r: aa %%%% this irela Loonst0r: ? Loonst0r: gg Game 3 Pre-Game Loonst0r: jungle Loonst0r: as then Loonst0r: AD Loonst0r: readdy to watch me int In-Game Loonst0r: i will be cs'ing Loonst0r: muting ashe Loonst0r: no need for this Loonst0r: fk off Loonst0r: report Loonst0r: report ashe after ty Loonst0r: ruin my game tbh Loonst0r: get banned again soon i reconb Loonst0r: ofc he bot Loonst0r: i'd love a game with people who pick the right type of champs for the right type of lane Loonst0r: i cant stay alone Loonst0r: i die 2v1 Loonst0r: think we should ff Loonst0r: that 600 now? Loonst0r: was 400 Loonst0r: need vison Loonst0r: ggwp :) i cant adc for shiit Loonst0r: i couldnt even watch Loonst0r: ggwp Loonst0r: what can i do for that? Loonst0r: how you outplay that? Loonst0r: let go pls Loonst0r: sick of being this adc Loonst0r: i get 1 shot Loonst0r: adc is garbage Loonst0r: adc is honest the worst shiit Loonst0r: its fucckin boring garbage Loonst0r: naa it shiit mate Loonst0r: 1v1? Post-Game Loonst0r: i mid/jungle Loonst0r: adc is fucckin shiit Loonst0r: yeh im not good at it i dont want to be Loonst0r: it fucckin shiit
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