Let's talk serious and share some love

Dear community, Despite your age, rank, experience, level of education or mental state nobody likes to be hurt. Yet, sometimes it seems the majority doesn't really care about that and hurt people anyway. Yes I am talking about flaming in-game. No, I am not butthurt :). Whatever rank you are, if you play ranked, you play to win. Which is not always possible, this can be for whatever reason. What we fail to see however is that we are (mostly) in the same game with 9 other players trying to win and somewhere also finding a bit of fun in that. Because let's be honest here: winning is fun, but also that not even always. 9 other players, or actually, I'd prefer to refer to them as people, 9 other people. People with reasons, people with feelings and people with maybe a short fuse. Light them up and boom goes the dynamite, you got yourself a "flamer". Spitting out fire to everyone and everything in their way, not caring about anything anymore they just want to make you feel miserable for whatever they think you did wrong. You got yourself a bad game, victory or defeat, in my eyes a game with flame is always a defeat, for all the affected INCLUDING the flamer! Don't forget about them people. I see so many cases where people are being the opposite of firemen! Instead of fighting the flame with water, they try to fight it with more fire! As {{champion:64}} says: "Master yourself, master the enemy", that is true. As long as you are able to maintain your calm and share it with the rest of your team you are doing good. And they might not tell you or you might not even notice any change, but trust me, you're affecting them all in a positive way. It's so easy to insult, rage, etc. So many people complain about the community, about the flaming, BE an example, SHOW the community your peace, your calm, your respect, you WILL get it in return! And you know what? You WILL gain more victory in defeat. I always say: "I'd rather lose without flame in the team than win with flame". We are all people, we play this game together, we all want the EXACT same. Stop the war, stop fighting your allies. But most of all: STOP fighting YOURSELF! I have had to deal with some serious anger management issues myself 1 year ago, when I no-lifed league like no other. I know exactly what it feels like (to everyone out there having trouble controlling their anger), to lose control, to get lost and blind sighted by your own anger. You hurt people you care about the most, you fill yourself with regret and it never comes out. Think about what you say, what you type or even what you do. I have overcome my anger problems for the biggest part now, it was not easy, but it's possible! Do not give up. I repeat, dear community, we are one, we are in this together, we are not each others enemies. It's time to set an example, it's time to make a change, start with yourself, and others will look up to you. Anger is weakness, and so you will be treated. I wish to hear what you have to say, If you have problems with anger, or being flamed, now is also the time to talk about it. I will moderate this thread. Feel free to add me on Skype: elbojolocomaan League: DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU

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