Smurf's main problem.

I just played a ranked together with a smurf who got his champion banned, and since he didn't have any other champions he was able to play, he decided to pick {{champion:32}} cause he was crying that he was unable to win game without his main champion and went full troll mode while still "trying to win" game. Is this reportable? I know Riot hates smurfs but can't really punish them, but that smurfs have too few champions to play and can't play anything cause they have to few champions when their ONLY champion they can play is banned? In sense if this was a Iron-bronze game, this would be completely fine, but this was a game with HIgh gold - Low diamond player game. Making the excuse "I can't help win this game cause I have too few champions" shouldn't be a freaking issue. He even stated that this wasn't his main account so he couldn't care less if he lost. So what should I do? Report him for griefing? Even through he didn't actually intend to greif? Like He picked a troll champion only cause he "didn't have any other champions".
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