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Hello guys, sorry for the wall of text and if you are too bored to read it you can skip it and go to the tl:rd. A game that we should have won, but somehow 3 of my teammates got weird ping, first early game Trundle had over 300 ping for whole game but we won hard on botlane/jungle. Then at some point Rengar said he couldn't move(while he was in base) claiming that he is getting ddosed.Weirdly enough, the enemy team randomly recided to start baron despite us having wards when rengar dc'd. So after we played for 5 minutes 4vs5, Rengar changed to hostspot so we started winning the game again, killed most of them and when we were at their mid inhib, pyke and trundle got disconnected(pyke being my premade, having really good internet connection and stuff) so the tf turned around and they got the 2nd baron then ended the game soon after. It seems that every time i play ranked lately, people are either afk or something happens so they troll.Yesterday I demoted from challenger flex because first game I had a rakan that was dc most of the game, except for the moments he reconnected for 1 or 2 mins just to dc in lane and die, while his premade was flaming me that he died(?), followed by a game where the support asked for jungle, he got refused, spammed something in polish then locked in Lee Sin. It was already bad enough that despite me having positive w/r on both queues, I keep winning 14 lp and losing up to 21. At soloq I had 8 wins out of 10 games, didn't seem to affect my mmr at all(as shown in the picture since it's the game right after those 10 games). All added with the fact that they made the champ I enjoyed playing the most for the last 4 years(Jinx) unplayable if I ever want to climb. TD;DR So what I am asking for is, I know that if i continue playing this game I'll get banned eventually despite never being banned since I started in season 3,but I just can't stand this kind of players anymore that simply don't care about ranked at all but they still play it. So what should I do in this case: -quit the game for good since it doesn't even feel like competitive players are rewarded? -start on euw since, most of the community consider that place better overall -just stop playing for few months so I decay to d5/plat so i can go up from there with a better mmr Any other ideas/tips on how to actually make the game enjoyable, while it still retains the competitive part of it, are welcomed.

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