@Riot Let's talk about Dunkey's ban and your consideration of what is toxic

I'm Done With League of Legends
Thanks for all of your support over the years baby.
So, I guess you guys know this video, in which Dunkey explains why he's sealed the deal with LoL and all that. What you actually don't know, is that **the Malphite that intentionally fed in the game that he showed, is still playing this game**. I just checked his profile on lolking and he just finished a game a couple of minutes ago. Yes, that malphite that was intentionally feeding, and ruining the game experience and wasting time of 4 other people is still playing this game, while the guy that insulted him for what he was doing was banned . You call that justice ? People who make others just waste valuable time that they will never get back, are still allowed to play the game while if someone gets mad at those kind of players gets punished ? Seriously, wtf man ? Isn't the main point of this game to try and accomplish its objectives ? A.k.a. to win ? I know that you need to also have fun but only if that idea of fun doesn't involve ruining the experience of other players, especially your teammates. This actually enrages me. Flaming is punished too harshly compared to other offenses based on the outcome, because flaming doesn't affect the game in a clear physical way. Permanently banning flamers chat would be a much better option than just not letting them play the game. Because in that way you stop the only negative thing that that certain player does, simple and efficient. But not letting him play the game because he just said something to someone is absurd. Especially in those cases in which people just react to injustice made to them by other players who are affecting the game in a clear physical way towards losing the game .

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