Pls unban

Hello Rito I wanted to say that i was wondering that you might unban me because it wasent my fault. A guy added me and sayd that he is a old frend and whated to play whit me and i did trust him .... later i gave him my account and password because he sayd he wanted to boost me in was a lie...he sayd he wont give my account back unless i give him 20$ soo that's what i did ...but when i looked at my account and try to log in it sayd i was banned...i gave that guy 20$ for i was wondering if you can unban me ... i spended soo much money on lig of legends and i dont want to lose it like that...i was tricked and i am very sorry i promise that if you can unban me i will be more carefull and spend some more time on lig of legends because is not fun to start allover again.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
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