Riot games in a nutshell - worth reading

Lets start with banning players that make community worse. We have inting players, leavers and "toxics". Players cannot defent themselves against inters or leavers, but they could use mute button. But hey, there are the most toxics out of them! This would lead to the HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY if we only get the right tactic... ...which is removing IP from the game and merging it with BE. However its not enough, lets remove BE as a reward for playing matches and put it into level ups. Lets make it harder for the freshly banned guys to get back into the game, as we know they are addicted and would put their cash into getting their champs faster! How could we make it... oh, how about turning the old, good tribunal system into the algorythm, that would just count reports and not actually investigate the cases? Lets make it work as a one shot KO for every single premade of 3 and more. Do not forget to add some tilting materials like unbalanced as never champs. GG, you won, I am out.
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