Why I can't have fun in fun modes? ---> Selfish players deny my fun.

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I really love playing fun modes and I'm using them to get champion mastery points on my mains :) The problem though is, that other selfish player think fun modes are there to try bad item builds, troll and just don't care about losing. ( PIC RELATED ) They are denying my fun by making the game impossible to carry for me, be it by picking an extremely bad champion for that specific mode or by building a Tank / ADC / AP Bruiser FULL AP. I just don't know how I can have fun when I'm constantly losing due to players who put their " meme builds " over the team's victory and therefore my fun. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Also if someone really wants to win in fun modes, then please hit me up. I'm gold 2 and have played about 2000 games of fun modes. Have a great and full of fun games day, your Zovers!

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