How do you define 'carrying'? (classic ranked story incoming)

Few hours ago, I got home from work and I really felt like playing ranked again, despite the fact that ranked is super toxic, and should be avoided at all costs if one actually wants to have fun. Anyway, I just played a match as Akali (top lane). I was vs a wukong, it didnt seem like he knew what he was doing to be honest. I managed to get some kills, wu wasn't able to trade with me anymore. Top lane was going just fine. The other lanes weren't, sadly. Mid got ganked a lot, succesfully, due to lack of vision. Our adc was making the same mistake over and over again, and it just seemed like she was feeding/dying on purpose to get on my nerves. In short, we won the match in the end. I tried to be the leader of the team (I dont do this often, I should do it more often) and gave my team instructions. Defend, focus this, ward that etc. I tried to be a good example by keeping my deaths low, and by using my time effectively. I ended with a score of 11/2/8, and I admitted to my team that I got a little angry. All was well, until Jinx opened her mouth and said: _Lol, Jayce did more damage than you, you never carried us, your retarded._ (yes this person said your instead of you're but whatever..) ._. Excuse me? _Ayy lmao_ Jayce said nothing the entire match. He was just spamming his cannon all day, of course he dealt a lot of damage. A job well done, but come on. Meanwhile, I was trying my best to get the objectives, and then I hear 'you didnt carry'. Dafuq m8. How do you guys and girls define 'carrying'? To my knowledge, it means that you make sure your team wins, by giving instructions and by being the leader. If carrying is always tied to damage, then by default, a support is never able to 'carry' his or her team, which is something I refuse to believe.
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