Second Solo Queue Game This Season Went As Expected.

Kai'sa bot lane died 3 times into Lucian-Sona and rage quit at Level 4...She also told us that she's about to leave after her 3rd death so basically she queued up just to int/grief a game of League. After that our support opened bot (very logical reaction ofc) and the Top Laner kept us hostage because he refused to let it go. In my first solo q game this Season,exactly same scenario,but instead of the ad,the rage quiter was the top laner. I don't even need to say that these players will continue playing like nothing happened...League right now goes through the worst Season of it's history BY FAR...I have never seen League being so unplayable for me except ARAMs and i have never played a game in my life with so bad employees/CEOs behind it. Also i left this account last season on High Gold-Low Plat MMR ( i was Gold 3 and gaining 25-26 lp) and now it queues me up with Low Silvers.Not much of a difference but it's annoying that it basically dropped me 2 divisions down...Nice Company! But i love Silvers for one thing...They still have hope that ban system will do it's job so they're spamming ''report this guy,report the other guy''...They have strong mental i'm not gonna lie and i respect it!
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