Besides League I also play other games that freak me the hell out - like Ark, Clash Royale, and Backgammon - I'm constantly working on having a heart attack really. Ask my wife, she thinks I hate every game I play ^^ Anyway... back to topic The thing with Backgammon is that it's a game that is exceptionally easy to learn and almost plays by itself based on the dice rolls. For instance, if you roll a 6-4 you will usually go for setting up a new base in the enemy base. It's not a good move, it's not a bad move - it's just what people do 99% of the time. If you roll a 2-3 you'll usually move a checker from mid to mid, if you roll a 2-4 you set up a new base, etc. etc. And if I see the enemy's roll I already know what move he's going to make. However, after a thousand games or so one sees certain patterns and gets more creative with what to do with the dice one rolls and puts more thought into it and actually plays it more strategically, also taking into account certain odds. Doesn't require a math genius btw. Now at this point you'll eventually win more games. The thing with Backgammon however is that no matter how good you are, or you think you are, you may always lose games because the opponent gets the better rolls. I mean - I personally get opponents that play total crap on top of standard moves and even if I outplay them, they suddenly roll exactly what they need. And I've had a lot of games where I thought that the system is giving the opponent exactly what he needs all game long. So, as every good rager I went to google and told it: msn backgammon dice not random Eventually I have found some people with the same issue, but also an interesting read that explained how wrong that is and that even professional Backgammon player could only win 80% of the games against an inferior opponent. The thing is - you can't control the dice - taking that into account I played a lot different and actually focused more on the odds and eventually got better. Now the interesting part here is: the people I got mad at that won games though I thought they play crap - I play more like them now. Now, what's this got to do with League? I think a common issue with playing League is that you get 4 teammates that often don't do what they are supposed to do. I main ADC, I know how to do my job, and I often get a Support that is useless or straight out plays blatant crap (let's just ignore that last week happened btw. because I'm not talking about the crazy ass shit that was played while the quest was active). To put it straight - I get lanes where I can't even properly farm due to the matchup even - like the MF/Soraka vs. Draven/Leona match I had yesterday. I was about to cry during the loading screen already because I just knew that this will suck really hard. And I'm a grown ass man... so I held back my tears. Either way - laning phase was super shit because Leona zoned me + Draven trying to only last hit so he doesn't shove the lane to me. (at this stage it was really tough to hold back my tears... at least Soraka can heal... ugh) However - Soraka did the best she could and I did what I could and we actually did pretty well. And with that I mean - we didn't expect to win the lane, we just did our job in this case: do not feed, farm as best as you can, Q Draven And that's exactly how we struggled along the laning phase until eventually our jung came along and we beat the %%%% out of them. I - hands down - in my last 100 games didn't see a jung actually ganking bot lane properly - so I didn't even consider it. I could have blamed Soraka for her pic or go for a positioning that makes me prone to getting the EQ by Leona - I didn't - and I just did the best farming I could considering the odds. (wasn't too bad btw. -20 or so) Now, what I'm trying to say is - you can't control the dice, nor the matchup or your teammates and especially not the opponents. You have to play the best you can with what you get - even when you lose a match. I lost a few matches yesterday btw. - and I'm not unproud of any of them - I didn't go full tilt on any of them and instead tried to make the best of what is rolled. Some games just can't be won, but any game is lost when one assumes that it's a necessity for everyone else to play his role perfectly in order to win.
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