I want everyone who has had a ban or restriction and wondering why, to check this post

Okay, i am now going to sum up about everything that can get you restricted and banned. Sorry if the text is currently messy, as i receive and discuss in the comments, i will improve quality and add more info. **PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WHEN COMMENTING TO STAY ON SUBJECT! THIS POST IS ABOUT WHY YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED AND HOW TO AVOID IT.** Act 1: Someone is feeding on your team. You surrender or lose, and say ''gg report -enter feeder- pls'' Why does this ban you? Because you want someone to get punished for being bad. There is no such punish. Reporting someone for being an unskilled player means that there is a chance for that player to have a change in their MMR in normal games and be paired up with lower-MMR people (Though it will take you many reports for this punishment to occur). NO. YOU CANNOT REPORT THIS PERSON FOR **INTENTIONAL FEED** BECAUSE THEY ARE **PLAYING BAD**, OR **GOING TO LANE AND DIE INSTANTLY OR OVEREXTENDING.** The right thing to do here would simply be to ignore communication with the person, or help them out. ''Vayne back up you might be ganked.'' -*pings to stay away from certain bush*- ''Viktor ward left bush, jungler just took red they might come mid'' ''Rengar, try to freeze lane and not push so much becuz their jungler is eager to get you'' So why is or are they not bannable? They are not standing infront of the enemy with nothing but mobility boots and **PURPOSELY** feeding. They might just be trying to farm and want to do their own thing. Most of the time you really should just not say anything, to be completely honest. You can start discussions which will lead to reportable things, more on that in Act 2. For more on this, check out the ''Playing bad is not reportable!'' and its comments, or click here: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/shAIZaAw-playing-bad-is-not-reportable Act 2: Arguing/Discussing/Complaining I tried putting myself in an argument here but i simply cant because it would become too soft (which happens so rarely), so im going to post a tiny screenshot of another user on the boards, and this is a good example of the start on an argument that could lead badly, but the thing is that the whole start of the argument is already enough to get you banned or restricted. It **IS** reportable just this itself. He is a jungler who doesnt want to gank his botlane because he feels its unnecessary with how they play (Could be reportable by itself for no team communication, more on that in act 4). http://puu.sh/jb4SD/2754981e07.jpg For more on this, please read the ''About defense and defending yourself'', or click here http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/m6bEU4OH-about-defense-and-defending-yourself Act 3: Dont be that guy Oh you know what im talking about. That one guy who just had to say ''not even close'' when surviving after using a flash at 6HP. **Dont be that guy.** You probably should stay away from saying ''GG easy/ez'' aswell, especially when the enemy team had someone disconnected or your team was way ahead. Any form of cockyness or taunt. This might not actually be reportable, but people will report you for it. It's not clear if you will get punished for it, but either way, please dont do this for the sole reason of becoming a huge bitchlord. Act 4: Disobeying and being ignorant/stubborn Lets use the scenario from Ac 2. You're a jungler about to gank top, but you realise the enemy top laner is quite high on hp, has flash, and your teammate has pushed to his turret. You decide to mind your own business (as you cannot gank and get profit of it), and shortly after your top laner gets ganked and wonders why you didnt do anything when you were top for a while. Here you might just start another discussion, so the best way to stay away would be to not answer. Tell him to not push so much if he keeps pinging for help, and you feel like you cant do anything (otherwise you can still gank a pushed lane if enemy top laner is low on HP). So, are you the bad guy here for not helping him, or is he the bad guy for not making sure you can securely gank? This doesnt really matter at all actually, however if you, or him asks a gank and you reply like the guy above, or just decline, make sure you have a good reason, such as explaining that ganking mid is more valuable becuz top lane is hard to do anything **for the moment**. It is easy to be reported here for negative attitude, such as telling Rengar to not overextend and he says ''idc''. The team communication offense takes place when you are out of the laning phase. Say everyone groups mid and a teamfight starts, but Vayne was pushing bot. At this point you should tell them to join the next fight. If they repeat it, its most likely reportable for no team communication, and vayne could be warned. If however, if they force fight you, and you fight back instead of retreating, then you cant entirely blame that Vayne for it because it was a missplay by the team. Its really hard to discuss this part, and alot of this will depend on what ELO you are, but if you just want to make sure you dont get reported or banned with a legit reason, (becuz you will get warnings if you are reported, but if you havent made anything you cannot be banned or restricted) try to just follow pings and make sure you dont play in your own mindset. If you are going to push top lane the WHOLE game, you need to reflect upon that. You cant always do what you want, unless it comes in your teams favour. As far as i know, and according to a rioteer, basically nobody has been banned for no team communication as of yet. Check out the post ''I flamed because [''reason'']'' which does a great job at telling you how to avoid these pointless arguments. Click here http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/kLM3Aean-i-flamed-because-reason Act 5: AFK ... Uhm... Dont go AFK i guess? Yeah, thats it.. I dont know what you expected to be honest. Do not threaten to go afk or anything similar either, that should be pretty obvious aswell. Act 6: End screen Did the game finish? Lost because your Gnar got caught in the teamfight before he could ult or pull anything off? **Report him!!! Why would he go in like that!!!** Okay i think that itself shows what gets you banned, doesnt it? Dont tell people to report someone, this is basically the same as act 1: trying to punish someone for being bad. Yes, saying ''report him'' has the possibility to ban or restrict you. Additional notes: Please keep heavily in mind that just because you dont use harsh words does **NOT** mean you are not off the hook. Riot Thresh is still on his way and Officer Caitlyn **WILL** handcuff you. Also no im not Jesus i flame sometimes too pls dont sue me rito {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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