Immediate Permanent Ban For Saying "noob"?

You know those toxic silver elo games where everyone on your team is feeding and so are you and you get flamed on a lot. So I played a game like that some time ago and got permanently banned for saying 2 different phrases with the same word; noob, in them. It was something like "stop noobing" and "you are noob man" and that was it. I logged into my account and saw that I've been banned and all i could see was that one and only game in which i saw the chat log and those were the exact worst words I've said in the game. If i remember it correctly i called someone a "kid" and even though people take it as an insult I really doubt it is one. Please consider unbanning my account for it has been banned without valid reasons. Permanent ban is the worst ban you can get and for saying noob to actually get it I don't understand. Thank you for your time! [](
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