Please can there be a theory test or something before being allowed to play ranked?

The title is pretty self-explanatory and let me explain why I am stating this: I just played a ranked game as support (I have begun to main support simply because you have about 3 seconds to queue rather than 10 minutes in any other position). Anyway, throughout the game I was utterly shocked at how little our ADC knew about the game. * Our ADC (Caitlyn) was against a Poppy (enemy support) and she still continued to stay near the wall and then began to get confused as to why she was being rammed into the wall by poppy * Caitlyn did not know my moves (Janna) and was complaining at how I was not doing anything except just "flying around". Whenever I slowed their ADC (Kalista) she did not attack at the opportunity, nor did she know that my shield gives her an AD boost. * Caitlyn did not know how to play her own champ. Despite playing it in a ranked game and also having a skin for the champion, she never used her extreme range to her advantage. She did not place any traps (I also think she maxed it last) despite the S6 update to Caitlyn being so that she benefits most from these traps to get headshots. On top of this one of the main reasons why I chose to play Janna in that match was to give her a massive boost on each headshot with my shield, but when she never hit them with a headshot it was simply wasted. * The cherry on top of all of this, she started flaming at me for not having a support item despite my first complete item being {{item:3069}}. I was so shocked at this and then she said the only apparent support item is "the one with those 2 ghost thingys". * Finally at the end she flames in post chat about me having a low damage score even though I was Janna support. This was not the only game. Ironically playing with another Caitlyn but this time with me playing Zyra: * We were against a Braum ADC and Morgana support in a ranked game * Granted Braum was very good at his champ, it was almost like a smurf, however Caitlyn constantly came into physical contact with her, again despite being a high range champ and having a good disengage ability. One other main point is she didn't even put a single ability point into her traps until level 7 which meant we had no traps on the field for the whole of laning phase... This season I have been having a lot more fun playing ranked games. Being able to pick your positions pre-matchmaking is great but there really needs to be some regulation about people being allowed to play ranked. It is just shocking that people can get to level 30 and still not know common items.
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