Got to plat 3 yesterday and got demoted after 6 losses in a row

I want to thank the community of platinum players for doing a great job at making their teammates feel sick. I know many of you got into plat by mastering 2-3 champions without actually knowing when to fight/ how to ward and avoid ganks, or how to use ur tp to counter shen's ult instead of wasting it for 4 cs, but there are guides out there in this huge cyber world that can teach you how to play properly. And you know what, if you don't want to learn more, it's alright, i don't mind if you get ganked 100 times on top and my jungler tries to help **you** instead of our bot who's already winning the lane, because i'll go bot and pressure... And when you start crying "omg "x" came top "y" times and "z" is doing nothing, i'll continue to ignore you. BUT WHEN YOU INT AND CRY LIKE AN ARROGANT LITTLE BABY BECAUSE THE ENEMY DECIDED TO CAMP YOUR WORTHLESS ASS INSTEAD OF THE BOTLANE THAT'S CARRYING YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW, I'LL TRACK YOU DOWN, I WILL HUNT YOU AND I WILL KILL YOU. No.. That's not what i'll do, i'll keep going and pray to the elogods for less ego and better macro game knowledge. amen... Gl to all the platinum players out there who're actually trying.
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