Black screen once, did everything to get back. 25 minutes timewaste in queue??

I don't like this new punishment system at all. I'd rather have a week ban than this. Why? I don't have all that much time to play, what with work, relationship and friends. The few hours I get some days to play LoL, I don't wanna spend in queue. If I'm banned for a set amount of time, I can just take a break from LoL and play something else. But now I literally have to wait 5 minutes before every game for 5 games? And it doesn't go away either. All I did was when the launcher started up the loading screen, I got black screen, and had to restart my computer. When I got back, my teammates had surrendered and I got the punishment. After one disconnect. Really? This is laughable Riot. I understand if repeat offenders get this punishment. But after one time?
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