What's wrong with this people?

I have met some toxic players in my league lifetime and to be honest I've been toxic few times too when i lost my temper but seriously what people write is crazy. So recently when i was playing a ranked match, our jungler focused a different champ in a teamfight. then, these exact words followed from other teammate: ***** YOUR MOTHER KHAZIX YOU PIECE OF ****** I HOPE YOUR MOTHER DIES WITH A CANCER. I mean what the hell, seriously, why would you wish someones mother to die just because he's a bad player. i think there's something wrong with these kind of people and frankly i mean no disrespect but if you are reading this and have said same words to someone, you should check your health condition bro, go to doctor or ask your parents for help. for past few months i started telling people to calm down when they rage. i realized that its very childish. to lose your cool over a lost game. i did the same with this one. but it doesnt really help that much . i think that there should be a chat filter that detects these kind of insults and bans players. thats what they deserve. a perma ban .
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