League is a mirror of the real life

Hello! As the title says I wanna share with you something which I realise today. Before I start i wanna say that this is just my oppinion. How many times do you have the guy in your team who is trying to provoke you to start flaming, by smart trolling which can't be ban? For example you are the adc and you start to argue with the supp and then he just stops typing and start stealing your farm or refuse to peel for you. There is something equaled to this in your real life called manipulation. Even though this is a lot stronger as a word, your supp wants to manipulate you by provoking you to flame and frequency just leave. As a result you are gonna be banned but the manipulater is gonna feel like a winner. How many times do you have the guy who is losing his lane and then flaming the jungler for that? He just wants to make himself feeling guilty and at the same time making someone feel bad. In the real life there are so many people who bully the others just to try show their dominance and power its the same in the game. How many times did you start playing duo with a random guy who invited you just because you had one good game? He doesn't want a friendship or anything like this, he wants to be carried. In the real life the word which describes this attitude is just benefit. How many times did you meet with someone and after some time you realised that you really enjoy playing with him? This is how friendship is borning in real life too, by just sharing time with someone over and over. For me League is a small universe or just a small more honest version of the real life where nobody is scared to say what is he thinking. There are so many other examples for this, but I don't wanna make this topic too long. Thanks to everyone who read the entire text. I will be happy to hear your oppinions about this topic. Maybe I am just too dramatic xd

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