25 game chat ban just for sarcastically saying i never play support?

i got a chat ban for this match: Game 1 TheExiledCat: ? TheExiledCat: we cant help TheExiledCat: how did lux have enuf mana TheExiledCat: to Q TheExiledCat: she had 50 mana TheExiledCat: thats not enuf *tristana tells me why are you trolling? becuz i didnt give you adc?( i never asked for adc btw so idk what this was for)* TheExiledCat: ? TheExiledCat: what TheExiledCat: i never asked for adc TheExiledCat: im not trolling TheExiledCat: just never play sup *Tris says to me report morg troll even tho i wasnt trolling and already said i dont play sup and only have morgana on this account* TheExiledCat: ? TheExiledCat: report tris flame then TheExiledCat: im not trolling TheExiledCat: why could that be TheExiledCat: maybe cuz im 1/3? TheExiledCat: think TheExiledCat: before you speak TheExiledCat: muted muted her and then teemo suddenly started flaming too for god knows why its just a normal game who cares its not even level 30 yet TheExiledCat: ff 15 TheExiledCat: :^) *teemo keeps calling me garbage* TheExiledCat: thanks TheExiledCat: masnt awatre TheExiledCat: that playing a role i never play TheExiledCat: and a champ i never TheExiledCat: play TheExiledCat: would make me garbage TheExiledCat: dont even wanna play rn *tris standing still in base* TheExiledCat: tris TheExiledCat: are you afk Teemo starts flaming me again TheExiledCat: yeah sure report me TheExiledCat: idc TheExiledCat: i haven dont anything wrong yet *sarcastic not actually trolling so i told him this* TheExiledCat: yes TheExiledCat: im trolling TheExiledCat: sure TheExiledCat: not just autofilled TheExiledCat: i already said i suck at sup *teemo dies and i tried to save him and apologies but he still flames me* TheExiledCat: dont have flash sorry teemo TheExiledCat: couldnt save you *teemo says hes gonna mute and report everyone, calling us all trolls now* TheExiledCat: you do you TheExiledCat: ur a troll for flaming os *talking to my pre* TheExiledCat: and im gone TheExiledCat: my luck just sucks i guess TheExiledCat: if im not top riven then fml TheExiledCat: same *tristana suicides* TheExiledCat: why tris *the game is basically lost so i FF* TheExiledCat: i just wanna eat do i really deserve a chat ban for this?
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