Best way to react?

Hey guys, I've never been banned or restricted or anything. I try and be upbeat and positive but we all have those games when people are annoying for no reason. Last game we were losing, kills were 33-42. I was playing Blitz support and was 4/5/13, not amazing but top was feeding hard. He went 0/2 inside 4 minutes, (died then tp and instant death again). I didn't say anything because we all have bad days. In the late game I go for a grab on lb, apparently as they were about to Q on her (our top was aatrox), he missed the Q and she got away. Suddenly, the top and adc start flaming me saying useless blitz hooks, they were both 6/12 at this point. I said it's hard to know what my team is going to do so I tried to hook their apc and silence her. They then start saying I've been useless all game. It's at this point that it's hard not to argue. Has anyone got a suggestion of what to do. I want to mute but when people are so clearly being hypocritical, it's hard too! I said they both fed and that's more of a problem than my hooks, wham, reported (I got a warning saying I got reported which is out of character or something.) TL;DR: What to do when someone is failing hard then randomly start flaming you, it's too frustrating to ignore! Sorry about the rant!

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