Just another salty banned player

So hello whoever cares. About 5 months ago I was given a 2 week ban and a warning I maybe Perma banned, I took this seriously and quit for 3 months and came back the the game with a new mindset. Played a lot last 2 months and climbed from silver 4 to gold 1. Just played a game, 2 pre-mades decide to swap lanes and lock for each other, these then go on to forget to swap champions so abilities and runes were wrong, they go afk for first 3 mins of the game and return before we can remake. the bot lane is already lost when Janna comes down with barrier trying to take cs and generally being unhelpful, she calls me useless and ask's for reports, I flame back and so on, we got a classic league toxic fest. Anyway this game then leads to my account being perma banned , and with the speed of the ban I know for a fact it was done by a bot and not a person who watched the game. on top of this it seems unfair to ban me on the reports of the children in the game without looking into what happened. considering I've played and support the game for over 5 years now. (Fyi Around £1300) I'm pretty sure that riot never unban accounts, So it looks like my time on league is over because I refuse to play on a different account when I've spent so much. Today's a pretty sad day for me.
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