How I deal with jungle behavior as a midlaner

Hi I'm aware that some people will hate me for this and I'm sry but I have to write it. I've read alot about what junglers shouldn't be expected to do. They don't have to give buffs. They are not your ward bots so they don't have to help with vision. They don't have to win your lane or pressure it in any way and so on. Junglers seem to take this very seriously. In plat most junglers won't do any of it. Many of them will take every resource they can get for themselves and try to 1v9 and that's fine for me. However if I can not expect any help in any way from my jungler I will not help him with invading, being invaded or taking scuttle grab unless It's obviously a good call. I would rather push the wave and get a good recall while the enemy midlaner kills my jungler in the enemy jungle while I don't have priority instead of taking the risk of dying myself. He should have helped me to get priority before he invades anyway or at least be more careful. Before people make the "don't blame the jungler" comment. I don't blame him but if he is going to play his way, I am going to play my way. And if he is going to tilt or grief because of it than idc, I'll just report him. I'll not play in a way that makes sure to not tilt my jungler because he might start griefing. If you are a Jungler and don't play like this, please don't feel offended. I'm aware that not every jungler plays the same way. Edit: The sad thing is I really do believe that because of last years changes (scuttle scrab, more invades, less vision, mana changes) midlaners and junglers need each other more then ever. Edit2: SUPERSATANA mentioned in his comment that I shouldn't have said "[they] try to 1v9" and he is right, it was an overstatement. However I stand to what i said and won't edit it. Edit3: I was wrong about the hate. This has been a very enjoyable discussion so far. Edit4: To be clear, this post is not a complaint about jungler not helping me or midlane enough. It's about the general attitude of some junglers and the way I try to deal with it.
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