I am cancer and should commit suicide

Hello, I'm a person who went into a ranked game as a support Nami. I did the best I could. My Caitlyn ADC took a huge amount of harass from Morghana and Misfortune (their poke is real), but I healed my companion through it the best I could, even if she seemed to enjoy running headfirst into all kinds of danger. But this also meant she died more than was frankly necessary. I thought our lane was struggling because she was being a bit reckless, but luckily my ADC enlightened me on what the problem truly was, and the root of all our lanerelated dismay. She told me I was cancer, and was long overdue to commit suicide. (I thought I was a person, and I kind of wanted to live. ) But my ADC didn't think so, so she continued to tell me throughout the game that I was cancer and should commit suicide. I was also, according to her, a girl who'd been boosted. And I was going to be reported for it. Riot, if you see this. I'm really sorry I'm cancer, and that I'm way overdue to commit suicude. I did know I was a girl, but I didn't know I was being boosted. I'm not even sure I know what it means, but if I'd have known it was against the rules (I have read the Summoner's Code, but I must have overlooked something) , I'd have thought twice before playing your wonderful game. We lost by a mistake or two from the whole team, and my final score was 2/8/23. I'm sorry I didn't do better. I guess it's because I'm cancer. Also, my ADC Caitlyn wrote up a report on me. I hope you look into it, if I really broke the rules, I should be banned. And maybe that'll help motivate me to finally commit suicide - Caitlyn urged me to atleast consider it. Love, Cancernami {{champion:267}} P.S. I also filed a report, because it was really scary to find out I was cancer and to be told I should die repeatedly. I hope you don't mind looking into it. Maybe Caitlyn could have told me these news in a nicer way? **EDIT: ** _This post is not meant to offend or discriminate against anyone who has has or has been affected by cancer and/or suicidal tendencies/loss of life due to suicide. I am very sorry if this post, which is meant to be satirical, inflicts hurt on your person._ If you are someone, or know someone who have suicidal thoughts, please seek help. No matter how hopeless life might seem there are always people who want to support you in ways far more meaningful than placing wards and healing your champion in an online game. Suicide Hotlines exist worldwide. I beg you to make use of them if you are in need. [Suicide Hotlines International ](http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html) If you go to [www.cancer.net ](http://www.cancer.net)you can find useful links that might help you coping if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer.
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