Account inactive for 2 years hacked into

Hello everyone! This is my first post in the LoL community, so don't get angery if i don't know how all the things work in here. Anyways, my account was last used by me, in year 2014. And a month back i got an email saying that someone has requested a password change on my account, at the time, i did not pay attention to that at all, thinking that someone might just be TRYING to get a hold of my account. Then a week later came the same mail, after which i contacted support. After long conversations via mail, i was able to finally get my account back. Looking at the match history, that shit-stain (pardon me) had played about 120 games in the course of 2-3 months. RIP that lad's wasted hours. And his scores? what else could those letters mean in match history, were guite good (A,B,S). So at least he had fun and boosted my rank. (Which im gonna let support backroll if possible) If anyone could tell me, how does one get a hold of someone random's account, it'd be cool to know how can i protect myself. I've not even had LoL on my PC for at least half a year, did he really try all the passwords or was it one of those mail scams that contact support themselves? In conclusion, I'd like to apologise to everyone if you played with a summoner named Nipeks, if he flamed or was toxic. And others who got boosted by him, good for you, but know i hate him and everyone who were nice to that scum. Adios amigos, Nipeks

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