First leave after 8 seasons

I play and love lol since S1 (played the original DOTA allstars; yes i am old). In the last months I am geting a bad game out of every 3 or 4 games played. Meaning leavers and or extremelly toxic players. I am not counting the usual "report x" kids. Just the rly toxic guys that feed on purpose or tilt half of the team. Maybe this has to do with the fact that lol is not the main game of many players and people just dont give a sh it if a ban comes. As riot was never very good at controling the community, the result is miserable. The game is not a joy anymore. Today I just had enough and with 2 afkers in the team and the other two refusing to surrender I had my first leave since S1. I am fully convinced that either riot does something or the game will lose players at an accelerating rate as the normal players just leave for greener pastures (read fortnite) repeled by an increasing concetration of toxic behaviour. And I hate to see this happening
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