A look at Riot's policy

So I've had my fair share of dealing with Riot's "department of correction" both as punished player and much more so as issuing reports resulting into the "Instant feedback report" popup window (I had kept score once and had 100+ of those in 6 months). My problem is I consciously refuse to shut up in some situations: I never start flaming first no matter how bad my team is playing. But I do TALK BACK to _unwarranted_ flame (be it aimed at me or at anyone else). I won't talk back if someone merely points out a bad kda or a questionable play, for the sake of "peace". I won't even talk back to actual flame when it's justified. So my issue is merely with talking back to heavy flamers and/or blatant trolls and inters that instead of keeping quiet shift the blame instead (like 0/10/0 flaming whole team because "no help, no ganks blah blah"). And mind it's not like I insult them back, not heavily at least. My insults are limited to "silver" and less often "pleb". No wishing death, diseases, no "fight me IRL" "gimme your address" or such. There are ways to respond to insults without insulting and I usually resort to those. BUT that's still enough to have me punished in the long run. I will never trigger an auto-punishment but I do get restricted over time since I play a lot and the reports I receive while meaningless by their own, do add up appearently. Let's narrow this down to one question: **what is Riot's solution to hardcore flamers?** If Riot is telling me "ignore them, mute them, don't reply to them no matter what", FINE, I can accept that **IF** Riot will deal with them in my place. But here's the thing. Riot WON'T deal with them. A ban is meaningless if said flamer can just jump back in game on a fresh account to flame even harder. Basically Riot is trying to enforce a paternalistic policy by removing from players the ability to defend themselves by talking back to offenders, while at the same time providing no real countermeasure in return. Because a hardcore flamer that resorts to all the worst flaming cliches **does not care** about climbing or having a good record, it's no harm to him forcing him to make a new account. Unlike to regular players who have to put up with such people on a daily (almost game-ly) basis. If you wanna make us into sissies who either shut up and take it or /mute all every single game, you better freakin provide a valid alternative Riot. All of this "let's be nice and polite together" (in a competitive game, that should be able to tolerate a minimum amount of trashtalking by the way) is riddiculous unless you can actually enforce it. But can they not or WILL they not? Because IP-banning all the hardcore flamers would hit their playerbase too hard? ----------------------------- Now I anticipate a bunch of cliché replies like "another butthurt chat restricted kid" or "mute them and play" or "don't look for excuses flamer" and so on. I get it, it's a kids' game mostly and reading comprehension isn't for everyone (yes I do despise a good % of you, boo-hoo), but I'm looking for replies of people that have actually read and understood the points I'm trying to make. Whether they agree with me or not, obviously. Feedback is important, and I'm positive I'm not the only one to have noticed the issue with Riot's inability to deal with its own community. LoL is branded as one of the most toxic games for a reason after all.
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