Should i quit, should i get banned?

This is hard as f*ck , ive been playing 1 year rankeds where i have landed after year of rankeds?...Bronze V-IV Its...impossibled to climb out of bronze V , my mmr has become really bad sometimes i feel like those players who starts league of legends first time and are 3- 10 lvls is better players than those who i get to my team i see some bronze V's team mates who got silver borders , gold borders from last season and they just trolls and feeds + doesnt help junglers at the start of the game (boosted ones?) i have lost all of my hopes on this game , i try to carry my teams but ... there always this one hero who goes afk or goes intentional feeding also mmr on LP Win/lose it horrible , 15 lp for win , -22 lp for lose , damn that hurts , so you have to win 2 games to afford paying 1 lose huh? also ive noticed that i have become more and more toxic after every lost game. Every lost game is deeper on bronze, deeper on hell , deeper on dark ocean...that you are drowning more and more... Should i quit or leave rankeds or just f*ck it i go feed every game teemo 0/30/0 to revenge those idiots meh... hope lost, game lost regrets has came Däm {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} maybe i just wait untill season end and never again touch rankeds since they r this cancerous these days
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