Perma Ban?

How can i get perma banned for this??? Game 1 GrandMasterTILT: plpay safe and farm hababi GrandMasterTILT: habaibi* GrandMasterTILT: then leave? xD GrandMasterTILT: ok. GrandMasterTILT: enjoy your repoort GrandMasterTILT: 49 farm GrandMasterTILT: gg GrandMasterTILT: yupp. GrandMasterTILT: enjoy GrandMasterTILT: sure =) GrandMasterTILT: i'm gonna stay top GrandMasterTILT: enjoy this loss GrandMasterTILT: drake ---> tower GrandMasterTILT: bronze mentality GrandMasterTILT: take a guess? GrandMasterTILT: i'm toxic? xD GrandMasterTILT: you and tristana flame me.. GrandMasterTILT: wtf. GrandMasterTILT: it was on cd GrandMasterTILT: so they can leave me soloo again? GrandMasterTILT: like last time? GrandMasterTILT: gj cho GrandMasterTILT: its okay GrandMasterTILT: just defend GrandMasterTILT: no big deal GrandMasterTILT: they are so bad anyways GrandMasterTILT: i give up GrandMasterTILT: always 0 help GrandMasterTILT: np im gonna play solo from now on GrandMasterTILT: yes. GrandMasterTILT: no one helps me anyways. GrandMasterTILT: nope. GrandMasterTILT: says supp zoe xD GrandMasterTILT: 3 flame reports GrandMasterTILT: nice GrandMasterTILT: you're flaming ;) GrandMasterTILT: 3 reports, love ir. GrandMasterTILT: nope, still nice to report toxic players GrandMasterTILT: i knoow :) GrandMasterTILT: because its so fun to play with flamers :) GrandMasterTILT: pls ff GrandMasterTILT: 5/8 GrandMasterTILT: calls others noobs GrandMasterTILT: legit GrandMasterTILT: mute, you're reported anyways. GrandMasterTILT: tristana, you're not good yourself GrandMasterTILT: so just shut up and play :) GrandMasterTILT: nope, just ff pls. GrandMasterTILT: gg wp GrandMasterTILT: report yas and trist Game 2 GrandMasterTILT: just played her top against darius GrandMasterTILT: i ruined him xD GrandMasterTILT: we see GrandMasterTILT: no need to flame.... GrandMasterTILT: yw GrandMasterTILT: cute GrandMasterTILT: ty GrandMasterTILT: don't worry GrandMasterTILT: shyv GrandMasterTILT: go drake GrandMasterTILT: don't give it for free GrandMasterTILT: its infernal GrandMasterTILT: NOOO GrandMasterTILT: bad tp.. GrandMasterTILT: lol says the teemo that tp to a destroyed tower.. GrandMasterTILT: you didnt help xD GrandMasterTILT: its okay GrandMasterTILT: we got a great late GrandMasterTILT: just play safe =) GrandMasterTILT: bye GrandMasterTILT: says a supp teemo xD GrandMasterTILT: the irony GrandMasterTILT: we can report teemo for trolling and flame after game GrandMasterTILT: maybe he learns a lesson GrandMasterTILT: yes GrandMasterTILT: 0/4 GrandMasterTILT: calling others braindead GrandMasterTILT: legit GrandMasterTILT: ok.. GrandMasterTILT: oonce is enough GrandMasterTILT: if you reprot teem GrandMasterTILT: teemo GrandMasterTILT: guys don't chase voli and Trynda GrandMasterTILT: dont focus trynda wtf GrandMasterTILT: what do you want me to do? loook at them? GrandMasterTILT: or chase tryndamere? GrandMasterTILT: ok i will focus tryndamere GrandMasterTILT: until we lose GrandMasterTILT: nice.. GrandMasterTILT: run away and chase again GrandMasterTILT: amazing GrandMasterTILT: becuase they don't know how to win a game GrandMasterTILT: that's why GrandMasterTILT: STOP FOCUSING TRYNDAMERE GrandMasterTILT: WTFFFFFFFFF GrandMasterTILT: gg wp GrandMasterTILT: that's what happens when they focus a trynda GrandMasterTILT: shh GrandMasterTILT: go focus trynda GrandMasterTILT: nope GrandMasterTILT: focus right GrandMasterTILT: in fight GrandMasterTILT: and we can win GrandMasterTILT: see it's not lost GrandMasterTILT: just stop focusing trynda GrandMasterTILT: and it will be easier GrandMasterTILT: JINX push hard GrandMasterTILT: i def GrandMasterTILT: def GrandMasterTILT: plps.. GrandMasterTILT: yes GrandMasterTILT: gg GrandMasterTILT: advantage??? GrandMasterTILT: when did we have advantage my friend? GrandMasterTILT: they have 3 inhibs... GrandMasterTILT: def.. GrandMasterTILT: as usual GrandMasterTILT: GO FINISH GrandMasterTILT: JINX WTF GrandMasterTILT: WOW GrandMasterTILT: OMFG GrandMasterTILT: FINALLY GrandMasterTILT: FINISH PLS GrandMasterTILT: LOL GrandMasterTILT: pls do
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