Useless buildings

Hey! i have been playing this game since s4 and back then when u dive a tower you got a decent amount of dmg. but right now when i play with my friends the tower is just kinda useless i mean is he there to protect me from not being killed every godamn time or is he just a **objective that does zero dmg **i mean like i usually plat bot lane and it just annoying to get dived at lvl 4 or 5 the supp maybe getting a lot of dmg but its not fun to play when u know when tower are just doin zero dmg and they can dive it even the adc can dive it without any problems at late game i mean like what if the adc aginst me is 6/0 and i am 0/6 he and his supp just diving me without any problems and killing me while my tower is doing to them maybe 200 every shot which is not a lot at all sometimes (actually all the time) i just say that riot just maked the towers just an objective nothing more nothing less
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