14 Day suspension.

Hello, i dont mind that you gave me a 14 day suspension. but could you take a look at the replays? this Nunu jungler went to my midlane to ult exactly nothing. ( you can see it in the replays ) this bot lane is inting together. and you expect me too ''keep my cool'' maybe if you dont add these f*-************** bots in ranked games there is no need to ''keep cool'' this is so ridiculous its not even funny. ofcourse the enemy would report me because its still tough to win a 2v5 game and theyr mad it took them so long ( i dont blame them i suppose they were boosted ) but hey thats how Riot earns a little extra cash right. so im wondering. if my team is inting on do i follow them ? because if i dont int with them im a ''toxic player'' according to your rules ( because im not listening to my teammembers ) **what are you supposed to do when your support is going 0/10/0 within 20 minutes. and your jungler goes 0/8/0 and just using his ult on nothing. ** so you're just supposed to laugh it off? yea like i said maybe dont place these bots in ranked. dont give me the reply '' just mute all'' because when i do that ill get banned for not listening to my teammembers. one more thing. i even pinged for baron / drake a few times and you can read in the chat that nunu says '' well yes but i dont care'' just fking great Riot. i had no idea it was April fools yet. jesus christ. <-- can i say that btw? or only when your religious? TLDR watch the replays and you will understand why i lost my shit. with these ********************* bots in ranked games.
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