Good Old Solo Queue

How I miss the old ranked, where : I could go any lane I wanted any time I wanted. (Instalocked mid all the time even if we were triple mid) I could always talk strategies with my team and swap lanes.( Last pick go bot or report -> Got reported anyway) Premades could not ruin my game (solo players did, I still hate everyone not much changed) We would ban all the champions that could stop our advance in rank. ( top pick always banned his counters) Im only stuck at my rank because of noob premades. (was stuck because all of us were noobs) Everyone could make an agreement. (mid or feed, If you go that lane I go afk, mid or feed -> he was lying went afk) "Good old days I will miss them " (not) Joke aside I cant believe how many people cry about past ranked season being better. This is what I remember from it : -"The great solo queue" 95 % game noobs and flamers 80 % game arguing in champ select who to ban 50 % mid or feed 90 % I had to go support or we had duo mid 20 % intentional feeders 40 % AFK players on either team - You had to know how to play 5 roles Compared to what we have now Pros : -only need to know 2 roles -pick intent (even if everyone and their mother bans your champ anyway) -great design -can team up with more friends Cons: -need to know 2 roles -pick intent is useless if your team is toxic by default -can team up with toxic premades It does not matter if you loose because of 2 idiot friends playing together or 2 idiot solo players, your game is ruined anyway. Its not the fault of the system its the fault of the community. So fix your attitude first then throw rotten tomatoes at Riot. Waiting for downvotes from random butthurt players. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}

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