No really ?

I've been chat banned for this : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- naaaaa sorry he carry he carry shit lol ? surrender next wukong reported, muted you think you can insult me ..? yeaa he carry lol you've been grabbed by Blitz .. how many times ..? 5 ,6 ? yeah my fault if he grab you Blitz stop grabbing Lucian .. it's my fault ..!! lol he even miss his dash lol totally agree he say supp is bad .. well .. i do what i can .. but he never finish thanks ?? you're kind thanks, no question mark i warned him before the game .. right ..? did i ? i did ok i stop good luck well .. i do not think we can win, plus your flame .. plus Lucian attitude .. no.. thanks end this please Ahri, i'm ssorry but you are 0/3 ... so .. how are we supposed to win ? i'm supp ... i got no tools to kill .. you got a whole lane to farm .. and still ... you are 0/3 you want to reprot me cause you can't carry ? you make me smile my adc flamed me Malphite flame too, reported nice team lol bye byeee that was not an easy game ... finally --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is it a joke ? These guys were insulting me .. i stayed pretty polite in my opinion ... Lucian who said in pregame chat " do not worry i'll carry" was 0/9 at this moment ..

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