Permanently banned, let this be a warning

So after a shit day at work I had time for 1 game left. After dodging 3 times I sadly got filled as support. I tried my best, team played really bad and I tilted and went passive agressive in chat. I got a 14 day ban about half a year ago and since then I was actually doing pretty well with my behaviour but the last 2 weeks I've had a lot of stress and that reflected in my behaviour in league, getting me banned forever now. Ofcourse this is not an excuse for my behaviour. Let this be a warning for everyone who behaves bad in game, do not play when you feel stressed because you can easily lose everything in this game you had :) Chat log for those interested Game 1 Walltr: 1st pick mid and ofcourse I get to play vs the hardest vel'koz counter there is =,= Walltr: its not even fun, im 100% skill shots and yasuo is super mobile + has windwall and is ad assassin =,= Walltr: i mean wtf do you do as vel vs yasuo Walltr: and he is a yasuo main Walltr: but he has also mobility to dodge Walltr: see I cant do shit Walltr: im not even safe under my turret Walltr: see wtf am I supposed to do Walltr: i need to build armor first, but zhonya's first means I have no mana Walltr: and if I build anything else I get shit on too Walltr: yasuo will get fed and hard carry them Walltr: really Walltr: zac? Walltr: yasuo already hard winning Walltr: trying to afk tilt me? Walltr: i need blue Walltr: i dont have mana do hold my turret Walltr: assumed ult Walltr: but he, congratz on being last pick mid Walltr: this has little to do with being a skill match up Walltr: i need bue Walltr: well i guess bot lane lost us the gamee anyway Walltr: and top Walltr: to clear and get you low for gank Walltr: its actually funny out of the 3 lanes im doing 'best Walltr: 0/5 darius wtf Walltr: wtf is zac doing Walltr: i meant trundle Walltr: he going in while he knows I cant do shit Walltr: 3 mid Walltr: in matchs ups like this in mid lane I need a team that does well, guess im out of luck twice =,= Walltr: it just really tilts me that you can completely lose lane simply by being 1st pick mid =,= Walltr: nah you played well Walltr: see everthing you can do counters me Walltr: its just impossible to win this matchup when about equally good Walltr: finally first item lol Walltr: fml Walltr: and its not even an item with mana regen Walltr: wood 5 Walltr: lol fiora darius your mvp Walltr: please ward Walltr: what does it matter waht my elo is? Walltr: just ff Walltr: its useless Walltr: why not ff Walltr: i got better things to do than lose vs a hard counter Walltr: you cant win this Walltr: look at yasuo Walltr: fiora Walltr: caitlyn Walltr: you cant, you are delusional Walltr: trundle and darius are not playing that well Walltr: im trying my best but I lack items and struggle vs their mobility Walltr: top lane Walltr: we cant stop fiora Walltr: just ff Walltr: we cant cs Walltr: fk that mobility Walltr: team wont ff ffs Walltr: waste of time Walltr: because we cant win Walltr: there hasnt been a single moment I enjoyed playing this game =,= Walltr: you just press w or e and you dodge my abilities Walltr: while fiora murders darius in top lane Walltr: i mean you played well yasuo, Walltr: but its just impossible to win as vel'koz vs yasuo Walltr: and if mid lane was our only problem we could have won, but jungle and top also getting kicked in the butt Walltr: and i got blitz taking my kills Walltr: please just stop wasting time and ff Walltr: bg waste of time Walltr: congratz on getting lucky in champ select Game 2 Walltr: autofilled support, shiiiiit =,= Walltr: yo hit kalista ty Walltr: ez please hit kalista instead of lulu ty Walltr: ez please ward Walltr: need help bot Walltr: ww Walltr: wtf were you waitingg for Walltr: i doubled stunned them and you just stood there at the tunnel for 3 sec Walltr: ok if you gonna ignore me, go ahead Walltr: expect nothing of me Walltr: so many stuns, ez doing so little =,= Walltr: sup sucks balls lol Walltr: dont take heals when full health Walltr: wtf Walltr: gl with that Walltr: need a heal for that? Walltr: auto fill sup, tons of fun Walltr: i was first pick and wanted to go mid wtf am I supposed to do? pick something boring like janna or soraka? Walltr: how can I know ez is going to go all in so far Walltr: i dont even own maokai Walltr: i can play bard, just dont really want to play him anyway Walltr: that im not playing that well atm totally means i cant play him at all Walltr: xD Walltr: ward please Walltr: lol Walltr: i can only place 3 Walltr: i literally have to ask my team to ward and when I do they say im the sup Walltr: this is why support sucks fking balls Walltr: people just assume 1 person can ward the whole map Walltr: see wtf can you even do as support Walltr: inhib Walltr: inhib >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. baron Walltr: see they value baron over inhib Walltr: fml Walltr: now watch how we waste the baron buff Walltr: just end this game =,= Walltr: i didnt ask to play sup zed Walltr: + imo kalista playing better than ez but w/e Walltr: ez out of position so many times hard to sup that Walltr: wp enemy team Game 3 Walltr: lol 600k+ mastery renekton main Walltr: g4 Walltr: easy top lane then Walltr: jsut ban xayah next time or make sure you pick her first Walltr: see, she has way too much burst Walltr: also how can you be behind on cs Walltr: when she died Walltr: step up your game please lucian im doing all the work =,= Walltr: when she had to recall* Walltr: i am Walltr: doing all the work, im asking your to do something too Walltr: waiting for a friend for ranked Walltr: please ward Walltr: see Walltr: ward Walltr: that Walltr: bush Walltr: ward that bush lucian Walltr: if we had vision I could ahve killed her Walltr: use Walltr: your Walltr: damn Walltr: wards Walltr: well you should see how lucian plays Walltr: won early game, completely giving it away right after Walltr: look at cs difference already Walltr: my adc refuses to ward, fml Walltr: also, this is why you ban xayah Walltr: warding Walltr: has nothing to do with tryhardng Walltr: well you are seeing she is Walltr: jayce offline Walltr: fml Walltr: gragas getting slaughtered in top lane Walltr: lol no assist Walltr: try a sightstone Walltr: ofcourse we need help bot vs xayah Walltr: this game is just 3v5 with gragas and jayce =,= Walltr: also 3 assists Walltr: i cant do much about op xayah Walltr: and fed ivern/ahri/renekton in mid Walltr: see its the same shit i get from them when asking them to ward Walltr: apparently trying your best in a team game is a bad thing Walltr: ofcourse I cant do much without teammates, im a support xD Walltr: yea but im building for shields, not for damage Walltr: i just said that I cant do much when you are dead, how is that blaming? you just take everything as flame Walltr: but thats not what I said, im going to stop wasting time on this Walltr: wp enemy team
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