Wait Permaban What?

I am in a ranked game playing Aatrox vs Kennen and Skarner (2v1 against me) in the toplane. My Jgl says "we lose this game because of Fizz so I troll now" and proceeds to die 9 times in a row, needless to say we lost the game but I got honored. THEN I GOT BANNED?? AND XIN ZHAO IS STILL PLAYING THE GAME?? Now what did I say to get banned; "1/9 really shouldn't talk, so stop talking Mr. Int" (yes with the comma, I am witty even in game) "When fizz fu**ed up, he still tried to win instead of inting and being useless" "Gg this game was 4v6, look at this Jungle" "OMG LOOK AT THIS TEAM KDA!" Ok now I usually agree when I get a ten game chat restriction, heck even the 14 Day ban might have been fair (THREE WEEKS AGO, I became honor level two btw) CONCLUSION: 1. wait, WHY WAS I BANNED? 2. wait, WHY IS XIN ZHAO NOT BANNED? (He was reported by atleast 4-6 players and is still playing games)
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