Just got banned for 2 pplz going afk.

So yh. I was on a losing streak in ranked. Had done well on bot lane for the majority of the games and i was pushing really good stats with my Blitz. Then Lux says ''20 fps restarting'' and then she was gone for 12 minutes. I called it out and her premade top said the pc crashed. I joked and said it was a pc from the ww2 And now i'm banned for 14 days. Instant feedback system - Peoples go afk in ranked (happend the game before - Lee sin RQ min 7). But they can play. I complain that they go afk/dc/rq and i get banned. I dunno....I think this system is flawed - played since the release of this game and this is my first ban...Feels rather weird to get banned for something like this - was not that offensive imo. Well played Riot... Well played... How do you expect your players to react when players intentionally leaves the ranked game? Should we remove the chat feature all together prehaps?
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