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Hello, I got 14-day suspended because of my behaviour (it's justified i admit that i'm toxic). I just want to tell you guys that really bothers me are the players that are toxic through ACTIONS and not verbally. I've been playing since Season 3 with over 8000 hours in league of legends, and never in my single life time did i receive a message that a player that intentionally trolled in a game has been banned which we have reported. Not everyone has the same patience and will to just mute and ignore the toxic person, but most of the time the person intentionally throws the game and people will ofcourse complain. I just noticed that the longer i've been playing this game, how more toxic i became because my patience just ran out. Every game has been nerve wrecking because making a mistake will result in a toxic-blame scene. I don't justify my behaviour because it make things worse, but people that cause the problem should also be responsible for the negative attitude. There are still no proper measures taken with this huge problem while it's already season 8. The player base is declining and we ALL know that the toxicity is increasing and just restricting the people that are toxic but CARE about the game will not fix the problem. I would also like to explain why i was toxic based on the games i've been reported (Chat logs Game 1, 2 and 3). 1: Normal blind pick, As respected pick order through calls i've been placed as ADC. A random player took Pantheon as support and kept taking my Creeps so i could not farm. I warned him and if he wouldn't stop i would just go support the other lanes. Mid and jungle began to complain because i was ''trolling'', because i left bottem lane. But to be honest, who wants to lane with someone that is pissing you off? I'm not someone who can cope with a guy that doesn't respect how a game is supposed to be played. 2: Top laner kept complaining that i should gank his lane that he lost alone. I judged that he would not recover even if i kept camping his lane, so i decided to focus on mid and bottem lane which WON the game. (Check match history, i had the highest kill participation). I got triggered because he bad mouthed me while i made the right decision. 3: Playing Ranked with and against players that are around Master tier division. A person locked in Diana as support, which made the game very difficult because the enemy abused the fact that my bot lane was very easy to kill. We lost early game very badly and decided that this was a lost game which was not possible to recover. Diana is complaining that we are unwilling to play while she takes a MAGE which is supposed to be played on top/jungle or mid. I don't know her pickrate on bottem lane SUPPORT but it must be below 0,1% because i've never seen her on bottem lane as support for the last 5000 games that i've played. Not justifying my toxicity but you should also look it in another perspective. People that troll through actions will result faster in loses than people that are only verbally toxic. Chat logs below: Game 1 Pre-Game tomer: mid tomer: top tomer: adc In-Game tomer: do it one more time and im afk tomer: have fun at bot tomer: shaco ill help u jg tomer: guy is stealing cs tomer: not laning with him tomer: you can blame him tomer: Im trolling? tomer: He takes my cs tomer: Like i want to lane with someone like Pant tomer: thanks bro enjoy bot tomer: you can switch tard tomer: see ur own division before you trash talk tomer: l0l tomer: xhasakix tomer: ? tomer: check cd timers before u cry tomer: then stop ping like a tard tomer: only thing u do is tax every lane and spam lol tomer: read what i just said tomer: brainless monkey tomer: only thing you do is complain and cry without being reasonable tomer: are u ok? tomer: you will just embarres yourself if you keep talking like some kid tomer: we are underleveld cuz u just afk farm all lanes tomer: LOL tomer: im d3* tomer: %%%% off 50% wr tomer: get ur facts straight before you trash talk tomer: like i said again tomer: underaged %%%%%% tomer: im pretty sure ur lower than me with 50% wr tomer: please dont talk to me tomer: 9x ire ty Game 2 Pre-Game tomer: y tomer: zac In-Game tomer: 2v3 ? tomer: Dude tomer: ur calling 2v3 tomer: and now you blame me tomer: Are you mentally ok? tomer: Cant just blame everything on me when ur also making mistakes rofl tomer: stop talk when ur feeding the most here tomer: keep staying hardstuck with ur attitutde tomer: below 50% wr and flaming tomer: feelsgood tomer: 9x top gg wp tomer: below 50% wr, 2/8 and toxic tomer: hmm tomer: im calling u out for poor mechanics for d5 tomer: d5 49% wr* tomer: 49% wr d5* tomer: d2 positioning btw tomer: d2 :/ tomer: d2 :/ Game 3 In-Game tomer: How can you be slower than ahri zed tomer: w/e tomer: just open tomer: go mid tomer: Im not defending tomer: ive seen enough tomer: first 5 mins tomer: ur not even picking a normal support tomer: ?? tomer: barely any synergy to assist in ganks, diana is plain useless at bottem till 6 tomer: go learn more champs fcking one trick tomer: troll pick and complaining Post-Game tomer: dont u see how awfull diana is tomer: as support? tomer: theres a reason why ur 505 games d4 with diana tomer: jesus
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